Alan Lance Andersen

President and Director
PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre, LLC



Alan Lance Andersen is president and director of PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre, LLC and former director of the Theatre of Interactive Drama, Inc.

The company extends the traditional dinner theatre concept to include not only the dinner and the theatre, but also an opportunity for the audience to participate as performers.

Mr. Andersen's company has hosted dramas in restored Victorian mansions, century-old private clubs, and elegant historical hotels - complete with authentic costumes and props. It's more like stepping through a time machine than attending a conventional theatre.

In October 1999, Mr. Andersen was Master of Ceremonies at the PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre's premiere of The Mystery of James Edwyn Wakefield. The production was held at Salisbury House in Des Moines as a fundraiser for the Salisbury House Foundation.

Over the last seven years, Mr. Andersen has portrayed the German Black Forest Father Christmas throughout Iowa and Illinois during the Holiday Season. He has appeared as the Mad Hatter in "A Mad Tea Party," as Oliver Hardy in "Oliver's Birthday Picnic," as the Lord High Sheriff of Salisbury at the Iowa Renaissance Festival and "The King's Banquet," and as Master of Ceremonies at Speakeasy and The Mystery of the Maltese Falcon over the past 14 years. He has worked as a semiprofessional magician, has taught classes in magic and dulcimer, and has worked as a professional storyteller.

Mr. Andersen is senior author of the following interactive dramas:

The Mystery of James Edwyn Wakefield
The Mystery of the Maltese Falcon
Murder at Dugan's Reef

He is the author of the following festival plays:

"A Mad Tea Party"
"Oliver's Birthday Picnic"
"The King's Banquet"

His most recent publications include:

The Frost Haint of 'Possum Hollow
The Speciled Band: Author's Expanded Edition.

His current projects include the following:

Murder at the Penthouse
So Then I Said to the Nutcracker
Meet Me at the Stork Club
The Mystery of the Winthrop Treasure
The Treasure of Romora Cove
Hoard of the Hoofengoofers
Ozark Treasure: Gold in Them Thar Hills
Romance Incognito
Murder at the Hotel Victorian

Mr. Andersen has also written children's books and stories, including Forgotten Magics, Wimbleton of the Forest, "Brewer's Mule," "The Gates of Dawn," and "Stories of the Hoofengoofers." His puzzle/history article, "Spy Gadgetry: Espionage Equipment Designed to Fight Hitler," appeared in the April 2000 edition of GAMES Magazine.

In September, 2000, he appeared in the premiere of "Barcelona" at the Geneseo Shakespeare Festival in Illinois.

Mr. Andersen was selected for inclusion in the 2000 - 2001 edition of Nationwide Register's Who's Who in Executives and Business. The publication recognizes individuals who have "reached a level of recognizable success in their respective fields."

He is included in the 2005 edition of the Cambridge Blue Book.