Character List

Male Characters


Bartholomew, Stanley - The Gambler
Cabrini, Bruno - Jason Cardonna's Gorilla
Cardonna, Jason - The Gangster
Carpenter, Tom - The Stage Magician
Chambers, "Havana Nick" - The Schooner Captain
Enrico, Edward - The Rum-Runner
Howe, Woodford - The Stockbroker
Howlett, Geoffrey - The Handsome Stranger
Keldane, Dr. William - A Dentist from up North
Krabbe, Mayor Howard - The Mayor
Mackay, Bob - The Local Constable
Puccini, Antonio "Weasel" - The Lawyer
Vanacelli, Guido - The Bartender

Female Characters


Christy, Janet - The Authoress
Coleman, Millicent - The Flapper
DuMont, Meredith - The Movie Queen
Giovanni, Theresa - The Moll
Jackson, Tillie - The Geneva Songbird
Jones, Peg - The New Waitress at Dugan's Reef
Michels, Lori - The Young Stewardess
O'Malley, Roxanne - The Brothel Keeper
Pendleton, Linda - A Dame from up North
Taylor, Ruby - The Floozie
Torino, Angela - The Bookkeeper
Wheeler, Geraldine - The News Reporter
"Yvette" - The Torch Singer



Stanley Bartholomew
The Gambler

Bartholomew came down to da Islands for his health. Poker's his game, but he can deal a mean hand of Blackjack. He's got other talents, too.

(This part requires some skill at card-playing.)

Bruno Cabrini
Jason Cardonna's Bodyguard

Jason Cardonna's gorilla. A tough guy, sleazy and mean as a junkyard dog; big and ugly and carries a rod. Ex-Prizefighter and Extortionist. Ya don't mess with Cardonna's torpedo.

(This part requires a large, muscular man.)

Jason Cardonna
The Gangster

Head of the Kane County Mob, a small gang allied to Capone's. Cardonna handles a lot of Capone's loan shark operations now that Scarface himself is in da slammer. Jay Cardonna has plenty of smackers. He collects art an' stuff like dat. He is a bigwig money man.

(This is the most challenging male part in The Mystery of Dugan's Reef.)

Tom Carpenter
The Stage Magician

Tom is doing a magician gig, entertaining Jason Cardonna and his pals on da Michaelangelo. He is an okay guy, ya know? Got a nice girl. Maybe he will make something of himself someday.

(This part requires the ability to do a few simple magic tricks, good communication skills, and the ability to successfully fool people.)

"Havana Nick" Chambers
The Schooner Captain

Nick's schooner is da fastest in the Islands. He has been hanging around while the Cormorant is in da drydock gettin' her bottom scraped.

Janet Christie
The Authoress

She has written about twenty pretty good mysteries. I even got a coupla ideas outta one. But she ain't just a pen pusher. She is upper crust, related to da Cabots or Lodges or sombody like dat. Quite a lady, dey say ...

Millicent Coleman
The Flapper

Milly is a stenog at some insurance office in Chicago. She has come down to da Islands for a dream vacation and is staying wit' Janet Christie.

Meredith DuMont
The Movie Queen

Last year Miss DuMont was a star of da Silent Silver Screen. But now Talkies are in, and dis doll has a voice like a frog. Wit' da right script and da bucks to film it, she could make a comeback. Yeh, mebbe ....

(This is the most challenging female part and requires a great deal of imagination.)

Edward Enrico
The Rum-Runner

A slimy character if ever ya saw one. He came to da Islands from da Big Apple. He works for da Mob, runnin' booze over to da States.

Theresa Giovanni
Cardonna's Gun Moll

Dis is one tough lady. When Cardonna met Giovanni, she was runnin' her own protection racket on the south side wit' two Greek torpedos. Jay gave her a job riding shotgun on his whisky shipments to Wisconsin. An' she wormed her way into his heart, his organization, and his pocketbook ....

Woodford Howe
The Stockbroker

Woody is a two-bit stockbroker. He has got an office inna back room at Dugan's Reef and does a fair business. I hear he is gonna inherit a lotta money ....

Geoffry Howlett
The Handsome Stranger

He just got to town. Talks like he come from up North -- Boston or Big Apple or somewhere. Seems okay. He buys drinks for his pals.

(This part requires a sharp thinker who is good at figuring out puzzles.)

Tillie Jackson
The Geneva Songbird

Tillie has been around a bit, but she is still a sweet kid. She is in da Islands after winning an all expenses paid vacation from some magazine. Tillie is a singer; she used to call herself the "Chi Canary" - till one o' da guys in da rackets told her a "canary" only sings to da cops.

Peg Jones
The New Waitress

Peg has been haulin' da drinks out to da customers at Dugan's Reef for da past couple of weeks. She works hard, but she does not say much. Maybe she does not enjoy da job.

(This part requires a sharp thinker who is good at figuring things out.)

Dr.William Keldane
The Dentist

Keldane is high-class jaw cracker from da States. Da guy just come to town. Nobody knows him. He seems da nervous type. What has a dentist got to worry about?

Mayor Howard Krabbe
The Local Mayor

A small town Boss Tweed. He has got fingers in everything in Kane County. He gives Jay Cardonna protection, ya know? Scratch his back, and he will scratch yours. Likes his booze and likes his women.

Bob Mackay
The Local Constable

Bob is an okay guy. He enjoys a nice drink and a good book after work. He is honest, ya know. He might get somewhere if he worked harder. He always says, "Let the Americans handle Prohibition. After all, it's an American Law, ain't it?"

Lori Michels
The Young Stewardess

Lori waits tables on Jason Cardonna's yacht, da Michaelangelo. She is a nice-lookin' gal. Comes from near Galesburg, Illinois. She does good work, but she will not let ya cop a feel. A nice kid.

Roxanne O'Malley
The Brothel Keeper

Da "Duchess" used to be a hot madam an' ran a sportin' house wit' da best whores in Dubuque. Now Roxie has retired and has come to da Islands to get away from da Iowa winters. A bit jaded - but, hey! Ain't everyone in her line?

Linda Pendleton
A Broad from out East

Dis dame just got to town. Says she is on vacation but would not mind pickin' up a little extra moola ta stretch her budget. Seems like a nice kid.

(This part is a particularly challenging one.)

Antonio "Weasel" Puccini
The Lawyer

Weasel is a shyster dat works for Jay Cardonna. He has got his fingers in a lot of pies, ya know? If he had smarts, he mights be dangerous.

Ruby Taylor
The Floozie

Ruby is lookin' for a new "sugar daddy." If she don' find one soon, she will hafta skip out on da rent over at Mrs. Flaherty's Rooming House.

Angela Torino
The Bookkeeper

Torino takes care of Jason Cardonna's books. She makes him look as clean as a dog's tooth when he's really crooked as a dog's hind leg. A real smart cookie - mebbe too smart for her own good.

Guido Vanacelli
The Bartender

Guido is an okay guy, long as ya do not cross him. Do not let dat homely mug fool ya. Dey say dat he has got a Chicago Piano behind da bar. But ain't nobody checkin' ta see. Last guy dat fooled around wit' Guido slept wit' da fishes. O' course, Guido was out of town at da time, but still ....

Geraldine Wheeler
The News Reporter

Wheeler works for a big newspaper out in da Big Apple. Came down to do a story on crime and justice in da Out Islands.

The Torch Singer

Dis doll's from da East Coast, up north. She is hidin' out from her family and makin' ends meet by singin' at Dugan's Reef. Looks like an angel, sings like an angel, drinks like a fish.

(This part requires a certain amount of singing talent. Ability to play the piano would also help.)