Soft focus your eyes back to 1929, don a Panama Hat and wide tie, and tell the bartender: "Dugan sent me."

Back in the States, Prohibition has been in effect for nine years, and bathtub gin is a national craze. It's the Roaring 20's. The stock market is booming ...

But none of this affects life here in the islands or does it?

  Tonight gangsters, flappers, spies, and federal agents are gathered at Dugan's Reef, each of them wondering the same questions:




WHY is Jason Cardonna's gang hanging out in Marsh Harbour?

WHO is the beautiful and mysterious Olga Von Bork?

WHEN will Woodford Howe inherit his millionaire uncle's fortune?

WHAT really killed Bonny Sam? -- was he murdered, or was it the Curse of the Chickcharnie Queen ?

WHERE is the fabulous missing Charioteer of Paloma?

HOW will it all end ? -- Not even the authors know for sure !





DUGAN'S REEF is an audience participation Mystery Dinner Drama set in the Out Islands of the Bahamas in the year 1929. The dinner is held in costume, with participants playing the parts of gangsters, flappers, waitresses, entertainers, federal agents, and corrupt politicians; each with his or her own secrets and motivations.

It's more like stepping through a time machine than attending a conventional theatre.

You will receive a Playbook with a detailed description of your character's background, goals, and resources. The Playbook also contains information on the Pre-War Era, a summary of historical events of 1929, a dictionary of detective slang, and a list of all the other characters.

During the Orientation, you will receive additional props. These may include hand cuffs, stage money, magazines, or a 1929 newspaper.

There are a number of plots unfolding simultaneously, and you may be involved in one or more of these plots. The roles are arranged in order of difficulty, from simple parts which require little experience to major roles which are much more involved.

PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre lets you explore the actor within you.

Who knows ... you might knock 'em dead.


Descriptions of Dugan's Reef Characters