Escape into another Time and Place: into the Era of Rum-Runners, Flappers, and Bathtub Gin.

Soft focus your eyes back to 1929, don a fedora and wide tie, and tell the Purser you want an outside cabin on the Boat Deck. Prohibition has been in effect for nine years, and bathtub gin is a national craze. The stock market is booming. Rum runners ply the moonlit waters between Rum Row and Long Island. Lovers sway to the music of the ships orchestra. International spies hold forbidden rendez-vous on the Prominade Deck. And the nobs of Manhattan society are planning the upcoming social season.

One reason Americans like to be on board ship in the 1920s is that they can get drinks there. Cunard's regal Mauretania has been repainted white and sent on weekend 'cruises to nowhere'escapist voyages out to sea. The Berengaria is sent on $50 cruises, known as 'booze cruises,' from New York up and down the coast of Nova Scotia.

Ocean liners are the playground of the rich and famous. But to ordinary Americans, an impression exists that the great steamships areto them"Forbidden Territory."

The latest and most popular watering hole in the Big Apple is R.M.S. Forbidden Territory, sailing under British registry. The grand ocean liner picks up passengers in Manhattan each evening and then sails out to international waters for the night: where guests can drink and gamble with impunity. Everyone who really is anyone has been seen therethe crème-de-la-crème of high society.

Tonight, gangsters, flappers, socialites, spies, and federal agents are gathered on New York City's most fashionable floating nightclub, Forbidden Territory.

You are cordially invited to attend a soirée aboard the Forbidden Territory, where flappers rub shoulders with debutantes, cat burglars survey their prey, and gangsters mix with high society nobs. Money talksand sometimes it whispers "murder."

Have you ever wanted to live the life of a character in a murder mystery book or motion picture? Here's your chance! PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre takes its unique concept of audience-participation drama to the Prohibition era for an incredible re-creation of the Last Night in the Roaring Twenties.

A Romance Incognito Cruise lets you go to sea as someone else for a change.

Explore the actor within you.
Who knows ... you might knock 'em dead.


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