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"Thou art a Beslubbering, Beef-witted Barnacle!"

"Thou art a Fawning, Gleeking, Fen-Sucked Moldwarp!"

Shakespearean Insult Jousting was one of our new attractions at the Iowa Renaissance Festival and at the Geneseo Shakespearean Festival and Renaissance Faire.

William Shakespeare's works are full of colourful (if somewhat antiquated) examples of sharp-tongued language, and the insults traded are all in fun.

Shakespearean Insult Jousting is hosted by the Lord High Sheriff of Salisbury, who awards Coin of the Realm cash prizes for competetors who stay in the insult ring longest.

Rules of fencing and chivalry are used to judge medieval barbs of the tongue and rogue's wit.

It is a popular event, with the public invited - or should we say challenged? - to exchange medieval barbed wit with staff performers and with each other using the Rules of Dueling and Chivalry. Prizes are awarded for tournament winners.




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