The Mad Tea Party

Add something special to your next event - the Theatre of Interactive Drama's Strolling Alice in Wonderland Characters - and add to the FUN!

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My name is Charles Dodgson, mathematician and Oxford don (a college professor you would say in America). I am perhaps better known to you by my penname -- Lewis Carroll.

"For those of you who don't know the history of my little book, Alice in Wonderland, I made up the tale for Alice Pleasance Liddell, the lovely daughter of an Oxford dean, one golden afternoon while we were boating on the Thames river.

"I wrote the book for British readers in the 19th Century, and it seems to me there are a number of things modern Americans need to know if they are to capture its full wit and flavour.

"To further complicate matters, a number of my little jokes were intended for the residents of Oxford, England, while others could only be understood by Alice Liddell and her sisters.

"So today, I have asked the fictional Alice and some of her mad friends from Wonderland to re-create for you the notorious Mad Tea-Party. And with your permission, I will perhaps explain a few of my inside jokes and try to make things a bit clearer."

With these words, the Theatre of Interactive Drama introduces one of its most popular offerings - The Mad Tea-Party from Wonderland, featuring Lewis Carroll narrating and explaining the 19th Century British humor.

The Theatre of Intractive Drama offers a variety of authentic Renaissance and Victorian characters to enhance your special events. All characters wear vibrant, colourful period costumes as they entertain your guests.

Adults and children of all ages enjoy hearing the magic of Lewis Carroll's classic tale of Wonderland