THE CHARACTERS in Murder at the Penthouse are classified according to difficulty. The following criteria may be used when selecting the role you wish to play.

This is a challenging major role. Improvisational skills and /or acting ability are needed to play this part. The Character is crucial to multiple plots. Participant should be resourceful, imaginative, and able to flesh out the role and stay in character.

This is an important role. Improvisational skills and /or acting ability are needed to play this part. The Character is very important to one or more of the main plots.

This is a medium difficulty role. Some acting ability is needed. Have confidence in your ability to improvise. The Character is important to the plot.

This is a supporting role. Be willing to ham it up. Some improvisational ability would be helpful.

This part is for beginners. No experience necessary. Feel free to get involved as much - or as little - as you are comfortable doing.



Marjorie Ambertson
Mayor Mulock's Secretary. A brassy divorcée in her early thirties, Marjorie is swell lookin', smart, wild, and has a kooky sense o' humor. A die-hard
bridge player, Marje was co-founder of da Ladies' Culture and Bridge Society.

Carmen Andelusia
The Flamenco Dancer. A fiery Latin with flowing hair, Carmen dances at da Chez Robert nightclub. Her prima donna temper is under perfect control; she loses it only when it will do da most good.

Naomi Bates
U.S. Senate Security Relations Liaison. Naomi works outta Fort Des Moines. She's organizing Doc Liebowitz's life for da U.S. government while da old goat's disorganizing hers. So far it's a draw.

Melanie Butler
The Southern Belle. An old-fashioned doll from Dixie, sweet as a magnolia blossom and tangy as a mint julip.

Joan Carter
The Other Woman. This dame is prettier'n a nickel-plated .38. She sez she's lookin' for a crumb that owes her a wad of cash.

Janet Christy
The Authoress. She turns out mystery books da way Ford turns out flivvers. But she ain't just a pen pusher. She's upper crust, a socialite, and art critic. Quite a lady, so dey say.

Millicent Coleman
The Flapper. Millie's a stenog at some insurance office an' lives at Mrs. Meer's Hotel for Single Young Ladies. But she ain't no stick-in-da-mud. She's got a gleam in her eye dat sez she wants to step high, wide, an' handsome.

Josephine Crane
The Wealthy Widow. She's a nob from Frisco. Somethin's wrong wit' her liver or pancreas, but it's different every coupla days. She came ta town ta be wit' her son an' try to help out her looney daughter, Eleanor Phelps.

Patricia Crane
The Lady Private Eye. This dame is medium - medium pretty, medium smart, medium everything. But she knows da score. She skinned her ex-hubby Nate in a divorce, and now she free-lances as a detective.

Luanna Del Rio - - [ Staff Part ]
The Island Goddess. Luanna is a singer and dancer and da daughter of da Chieftan of a tropical Island Paradise. She took South America by storm. She recently arrived in da United States to do it again, starting with Des Moines.

Alice Driscoll
The Private Investigator. Alice is one classy dame. She's hitched to Richard Driscoll. They run a high class Private Investigation outfit wit' offices in California, New York, and Des Moines. She's da brains, but Dicky don't buy it.

Meredith Du Mont
The Movie Star. Last year Miss Du Mont was a star of da Silent Silver Screen. Now Talkies are in, and dis doll has a voice like a frog. Wit' da right script and da bucks to film it, she thinks she could make a comeback. Yeh, mebbe ...

Gertrude Fielding
The Local Reporter. A dyed-in-da-wool reporter, Gertie's a fair-lookin' dame with sharp eyes, warm smile, bobbed hair, an'glasses. She dates a couple guys off and on - when she's not hunting down scoops or playing bridge.

Elizabeth Hawkins
The Psychiatrist. She's da best when it comes to figgurin' out looney broads. A refined old bird, if ya like shrinks.

Mamie Hubbell - - [ Staff Part ]
The Madcap Heiress. Mamie Constance Jubilee Hubbell has just returned to Des Moines after gallavanting around da world. Paddy Monihan is hosting a soirée for da elite in her honor at da Savery Penthouse.

Peg Jones
The Waitress. Peg's been haulin' drinks to da customers at Monihan's Speakeasy for da last week. She works hard but don't say much. Maybe she don't like da job.

Miriam Kelley
The Private Secretary. Miriam's da most dedicated broad you'll ever meet. Mebbe too dedicated for her bosses' good. She talks in whatchamacallits - malaphors. Alice Driscoll tells her not to take her job so seriously. But Miriam sez, "That's a bunch of crock."

Lavinia LaCroix
The Curmudgeon. Ol' Lady LaCroix's a scarey old bat. Musta been a school marm. She's got a voice like scratching a blackboard plus dis evil eye that'd wilt da toughest torpedo in town.

Bee-Bee La Fontaine
The Gold Digger. What a doll! She looks up at a guy and sez, "You'll take care of your little snookems Bee-Bee, won't you?" Da guy jumps through hoops an' gives her all his moola. She takes it, leaves da guy flat, an' goes lookin' for da next chump.

Madelaine LeCarre
The Mystery Woman. Dis dame rates a long, low whistle. She hands out da cold shoulder, but ya get da idea she could warm up for da right guy. She sez she needs a private detective ta find her sister.

Selena Milan
The High Fashion Model.
Dis swell doll is in front of da cameras all over da world. She's prettier'n a pedigreed pussycat. She's got claws, too.

Nisette Mirabelle
The Former Actress. A spiffy dame in her mid-thirties, Nisette is single, swell-lookin', an' real uptown. She wears her hair bobbed, dresses in da latest styles, and plays one mean game of bridge.

Linda Pendleton
A Broad From Out East. This dame just got to town. Sez she's looking for work. Don't know much else about her. Seems like a nice kid.

Eleanor Phelps
The Mad Girl. Her robber baron pop blew a gasket when Nell went coo-coo over Roger Phelps. Cut her off wit' a buck in his will when dey got hitched. Now Nell's hearing voices; she's one step outta da looney bin.

Eloise Primm
The Jeweler. Eloise owns Primm Jewelers, Des Moines' swankiest jewelry store. A keen-minded woman in her early 50s, she has grey hair and looks like somebody's favorite grandma. She's soft-spoken and courteous in everything - except bridge, for which she has a passion. Eloise has a secret wild streak that only her cronies handle.

Lila van der Linden
The Flemish Lass. A sweet little doll from Belgium or da Netherlands or sumplace like dat. Just don't say you'd walk through Hell for her - Da last guy didn't make it.

Geraldine Wheeler
The News Reporter. Wheeler works for a newspaper out in da Big Apple. Came out to Des Moines to do a story on crime and justice in da Midwest.

Shirley White
The White Princess. A real ah-ah doll who runs around wit' dukes and counts over in France an' Italy. Only da best for her.

The Torch Singer. Dis sweetheart's from back East. She's huntin' for some old beau but ain't had no luck. Looks like an angel, sings like a nightingale, an' drinks like
a fish.




Peter Ashford
The Forlorn Lover. He's still carrying a torch for Eleanor Phelps, who married somebody else. Her husband's a jerk, and now she's a looney. Pete's really stewing over it all.

Stanley Bartholomew
The Gambler. Bartholomew gets around town quite a bit. He's a pro gambler. Poker's his game, but he can deal a mean hand of Blackjack. He's got other talents, too. (This part requires some skill at card-playing.)

Colonel Beauregard Butler
The Kentucky Colonel. Everybody likes da Colonel. He's a real gent. It's guys like him what gives dem Southern aristocrats a good name. Got a cute daughter, too.

Bruno Cabrini
Patrick Monihan's Gorilla. A tough guy, sleazy an' mean as a junkyard dog; big an' ugly an' carries a rod. Ex-prizefighter an' extortionist. Ya don't mess with Paddy Monihan's torpedo.

Edward Chandler
The Private Eye. Ned's as hard-boiled a shamus as dey come. He sleeps with his rod under da pillow and a half-empty bottle of Scotch in his fist. He's on da dodge from two ex-wives and a girlfriend. Da cops hate his guts.

Paul Constantine
The Levantine. Constantine likes to wear a diamond stickpin in his ascot. Nicest thing he's ever been called is "nasty little man." If he wuz a dog, I'd kick him. But guys who cross dis jerk always seem to have real bad accidents.

Nathanial Crane
The Investment Banker. Nate's a nob from Frisco an' works for a big investment outfit. He says he's gettin' experience in da sticks for a top job. He's scared da boss will find out his ex-wife's a two-bit gumshoe and his sister's a looney.

Bob Crocker
The Local Cop. Bob's an okay guy. Likes a nice drink and a good book after work. He's honest, ya know? He might get somewhere if he worked harder. He always says, "Leave Prohibition to da Feds. After all, it's a Federal law, ain't it?"

The Sugar Daddy. Dis guy's pretty close-mouthed. I hear he put his wife in some asylum while he collects stamps. He must have a lotta dough 'cause Bee-Bee La Fontaine hooked him. (Boy, watta stamp!) She tagged da old guy wit' da moniker "Daddykins" - dat's da only thing I ever hear him called.

Willie "Fingers" DeWitt - [ Staff Part ]
The Roulette Operator. A mousy little grifter with a quick wit and even quicker reflexes.

Richard Driscoll
The Private Investigator. Driscoll's tall, dark, handsome, a snappy dresser - real Prince o' Wales. He's hitched to Alice Driscoll. Day run a high class Private Investigation outfit wit' offices in California, New York, and Des Moines. He's da brains, but Alice don't buy it.

Lord Philip Eaton
The Amateur Investigator. Lord Philip's an English swell. Hard to believe a skinny Limey like him spent four years in da trenches fightin' da Jerries. He does crossword puzzles in ink an' cracks cases too tough for Scotland Yard.

Edward Enrico
The Rum-Runner. A slimy character if ever ya saw one. Eddie blew into town from da Big Apple. I hear he works for da Mob out dare. Don't know much about him, really.

Jack Gaskill
The Police Lieutenant. Gaskill is a tall, barrel-bellied cop with shrewd little eyes. He wears a dark fedora with da brim turned down over his left eye and da stub of a cigar sticking out of da side of his mouth. Not much gets past Gaskill, and he keeps da details in a little black notebook.

Woodford Howe
The Stockbroker. Woody's a two-bit stock-broker wit' an office inna broom closet at da Hotel Savery. He says he does a fair bit o' business. I hear he's gonna inherit a lotta dough now dat his rich uncle's kicked da bucket.

Geoffrey Howlett
The Handsome Stranger. Anudder new guy in town. Talks like he come from out East - Beantown or Big Apple or somewhere. Seems okay. He buys drinks for his pals.

Dr. William Keldane
The Dentist. A high-class jaw cracker from out East. Da guy just come to town. He seems like da noivous type. But what's a dentist got to worry about?

Gordon Kingsley
The Lawyer. Dis shyster was up on murder one back East, but he got off scot-free. Now dey busted him for knocking off his girlfriend. He says it's a frameup. Yeah, right.

Dr. Victor Trumann Liebowitz
The Czechoslovakian Scientist. Doc Liebowitz is s'posed ta be some kinda genius, da army's fair-haired boy. Looks more like Casper Milquetoast ta me.

Patrick J. Monihan
The Mokker. A grizzled old mick with a twinkle in his eye, Monihan wears a snappy dark suit with a vest and carries a flask of Templeton Rye in his pocket. He runs da classiest gin joint in Des Moines. He's da biggest operator an' has da biggest problems in town. Da cops wanna lock him up and da Capone Mob wanna gun him down.

Mayor E.H. "Hub" Mulock
The Humanitarian. Dey say Hub's da best man in Des Moines. Modest, fair, pushes worthy causes. A real Boy Scout. Wunner what his con is.

Oklahoma Red
The Highwayman / Hobo. Old Red sez he's an "aristocrat of da road". He's really a yegg, pullin' jobs anyplace he goes. He's a bad man, mean an' tough an' don't care for nobody except mebbe Grover Tillman.

Roger Phelps
The Husband. A beady-eyed four-flusher who didn't land on easy street when he married an heiress. Now she's turning into a looney, and he hates da job his brother-in-law got him.

Dr. Graham Powell
The Psychiatrist. Doc Powell is da best shrink in town. He's got a big place out past Clive were he gives da nutcases his "nature treatment". Seems ta plan on addin' Eleanor Phelps ta his stable. His wife, Mary, likes da bright lights better'n da country life.

Rama Shadd
The Hindu Servant. A giant, inscrutable Hindu, Rama Shadd's been wit' Lord Philip Eaton since dey wuz boys in da Punjab. Da guy's a one-man parade in dat turban. He's got a silk scarf wit' coins knotted in da ends hidden in his sleeve. It must be his emergency stash.

Luigi "the Gyp" Sotello
The Gunsel. Louie da Gyp's a rat-faced little twerp. He rattles a coupla dice in his hand when he's nervous. Which seems like most of da time. I heard he's got a doll at home, but she never goes out.

Grover Tillmore
The Comical Sidekick. Grover's da hickest cluck ya ever saw. He's a wannabe swell - but he hobos around helpin' Oklahoma Red pull jobs. A baby could steal candy from him.


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