Renaissance Characters

PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre offers delightful
Renaissance Characters:

Lord High Sheriff of Salisbury



The Lord High Sheriff has Bartholomew the Hatter at sword's point.

He doesn't mean to stab Bartholomew, he's posing for Leonardo to paint his picture.

(He'll have a long wait -- Leonardo da Vinci was only born last year.)

When not wooing beautiful ladies, the Lord High Sheriff enforces the law, which he finds an entertaining and profitable occupation. Bribes are all profit ...



Black Philip is a gentleman of leisure who is traveling for his health. (They were plucking chickens and heating tar as he galloped out of the last town.)

Philip loves a song or a jest. The Sheriff suspects that he is in league with the Falcon and his men, a band of forest outlaws.



Old Mother Twitchett is Mother Goose's next-door neighbor and rival in writing nursery rhymes. She makes flower garlands and daisy chaines, and her 'Pick-A-Pocket' apron is always full of treats and surprizes for kids ...

 Orckes & Trolles







The Orckes and Trolles are a rag-tag band of wandering troubadors. Ordinarily a jovial lot, they were a bit miffed when the Lord High Sheriff announced a Bard Tax ...




Bartholomew the Hatter is a little mad, you know.

His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were mad as hatters, too.



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