Confronting the Terrors in Life for Cash and Prizes ...

Terror Challenge!™ is a Truth or Consequences style game show in which kids at High School "lock-in" parties compete for big prizes. The contests involve physical, mental, or emotional competition and have a grody humor that appeals to adolescents. None of the game are dangerous or humiliating, but several are a bit embarassing or grotesque.

The event is divided into Modules with prizes of various kinds. The final module is for the Grand Prize.

The Grand Prize should be a thing of genuine value. Runner-up and Booby Prizes are also awarded, and there is a cash prize awarded during the First Kiss Module and smaller prizes for the other Modules. (Not all modules are used in every show).


1. Everything's Ducky Module (School must have a swimming pool. If no pool, use Module #1A.)

1A. Captain Selection Module.

2. Multiple Games Module.

3. Chicken & Fox Module (School must have a swimming pool. If no pool, go to Module #4.)

4. First Kiss Module.

5. King of the Log Module.

6. Monkey-See, Monkey-Do Module.

7. Blind Date Module.

8. Steady Couple Module.

9. Stage Fright Module.

10. Suitcase Race Module.

11. Grubbing for Bucks Module.

FINALE. Crisco Kid Module.



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