Fundraising Community Treasure Hunts


For community organizations to raise money for worthwhile projects, PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre now offers community-wide treasure hunts with REAL TREASURE for the lucky finder!

Click on the photo below to go to our Ozarks Treasure Hunt webpage.

We have gathered real treasure from around the world - including coins from shipwrecks and ancient Roman and Hindu coins. The cash value of the major treasure may be up to several thousand dollars, and may consist of gold, silver, banknotes, jewels, stocks, bonds, or other valuables. In some cases, it may be a specially designed work of art.

Any treasure may contain items of greater or lesser value - part of the challenge is to determine which things are really valuable and which are not. Gold coins are obviously worth more than copper pennies, but the distinction is not always so obvious.

Community-Wide Treasure Hunts work like this:

Our personnel will come to your town and customize a set of puzzles, clues, codes, ciphers, and so on to your community. We will then design a tabloid-size newspaper with these clues. The newspaper will also include stories and articles related to the treasure hunt.

Your organisation will then sell advertising to local businesses in this "Treasure Hunt" newspaper. The proceeds from this advertising will pay for the treasure and for the printing of the paper.

Note that no outlay of funds by your organization is necessary - sales of the newspapers finance the project!

Each business that purchases advertising will receive a predetermined number of tabloids to sell or give away, and the remaining papers will be sold by your organisation. Additional clue newspapers will be produced until the treasure is found. This may take several weeks - or even months!

This can be an opportunity to promote tourism in your area as well! Families from other areas can bring the kids for a weekend of treasure hunting. Tour buses can bring in loads of "treasure hunters" who receive all the cue newspapers as part of their package.

The treasure itself will be hidden somewhere in your community and will consist of silver and gold coins, banknotes, gems, and artifacts from around the World.

For example, we have 500-year-old "Sultan of Dehli" silver coins from India, enormous "Catherine the Great" five kopek coins from Russia, Japanese occupation currency from World War II, $500,000,000 banknotes from Hungary, and 18th-Century Dutch coins from a sunken shipwreck. Plus a lot of miscellaneous coins from all around the World.

Some of the treasure represents low-cost filler, while some coins and artifacts are quite valuable. The total value of the treasure should be over $2000, depending on how much advertising is sold.

The treasure will be housed in a unique "puzzle box" so that the winner will not only have to solve the clues to find the treasure, but will also have to figure out how to open the box and then determine which treasure artifacts are the really valuable ones. This is a really challenging puzzle, but we will keep issuing newspapers with additional clues that will get easier until the treasure is found.

Let PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre help you raise funds for your worthwhile projects while at the same time promoting good will and tourism in your community.