Mark Twain Style Storytelling

Dressed in a white silk 3-piece suit and Panama Hat, storyteller Alan Lance Andersen delights audiences with his humorous tales told in country dialect reminiscent of Mark Twain.

Some of the tales deal with HOOFENGOOFERS, the magical little people who inhabit the Iowa river valleys. Unlike elves and faeries (their counterparts in Europe), Hoofengoofers are "real down-home folks" - dressing in bib overalls and floppy straw hats, carrying knobby walking sticks, and chewing on a piece of prairie grass.

These tongue-in-cheek stories contrast the traditional faery tale setting against the Iowa farmscape - with prairies, round barns, farmers markets, Model-T Fords, bootleggers, Jesse James, and the Trolls of Northeast Iowa featuring in the narrative.

Mr. Andersen also tells tales from his book, The Frost Haint of 'Possum Hollow and other Ozark Tales. Autographed copies of the book are available for book signings.


The Frost Haint of 'Possum Hollow

THIS COLLECTION OF DIALECT STORIES from the Ozark Mountains includes tales of lost silver mines, whimsical Ozark monsters, Jesse James, Mark Twain, Yankee and Rebel soldiers, and other traditional legends from Missouri and Arkansas - along with a few original stories. Included are the hillbilly reminiscences of Ozark Eddie, a real backwoods mountaineer. The title story from the collection features a most remarkable ghost and an even more unusual ending. Alan Lance Andersen has been a professional story since 1970. The anthology includes many of his best tales - which he tells with a drawling Mark Twain style dialect. Available for Purchase: CLICK HERE.


 "Homespun, cracker-barrel, humorous philosophy Alan Lance Andersen employs the striking logical illogicalities of the Ozarks region to capture the readers' attention and hold it in the short stories' crisp and witty punch lines."

John Kennedy Melling

"Alan Lance Andersen brings to life in the 21st Century the traditional Ozark grandpappy telling tall tales around the woodstove."

Janet Cook

"Wal, ah ain't never seen nothin' like it "

Rebecca Edwards