Old Mother Twitchett
Mr. Fuzziwiggens



" Old Mother Twitchett has but one eye,

And a long tail, which she lets fly.

And every time she goes over a gap --

She leaves a bit of her tail in a trap !! "


Old Mother Twitchett and her companion, Magical Mr. Fuzziwiggens, make appearances at schools, churches, day care centers, and community organizations throughout the Midwest.

Old Mother Twitchett is Mother Goose's next-door-neighbor in the little village of Pud-by-the-Well, and they both write nursery rhymes and riddles. Unlike Mother Goose, Old Mother Twitchett has a Magic Pick-A-Pocket Apron full of treats and surprises for talented kids.

And every child is talented, according to Old Mother Twitchett !!!

It might be noted that the little hamlet of Pud-by-the-Well is located at the last crossroads before you come to Faeryland, and as a result the little village tends to skip around on the map.

In England, it's in the Yorkshire Dales sometimes; other times it's near Clacton-on-the-Sea or Bristol or Sherwood Forest. Sometimes it's in Ireland, near Dublin's fair city or on the wild, isolated southeast coast. And sometimes it's in Iowa along the Skunk River Greenbelt in Storybook County ...






" Mother Twitchett has some pockets, in each one a treasure hides.

Some are treats and some are trinkets -- if you'd like to peek inside:

Then tell a joke or say a riddle, sing a song or play a fiddle.

There's something special you can do -- and then I'll have a treat for you ... "