Escape into another time and place: Into the
fantasy world of Charles Dickens' Victorian London.


The Mystery of James Edwyn Wakefield, or Murder in the Wakefield Family premiered at Salisbury House in 1999a meticulously restored manor house. William Shakespeare actually performed under the rafters in the Great Hall.

Salisbury House



Victorian England Fills the Halls of Salisbury House

The Salisbury House Murder MysteryThe Mystery of James Edywn Wakefieldbrought the old-fashioned charm and grace of Victorian England to Salisbury House for two evenings of intrigue on October 22 and 23.

Guests arrived at the South Garden entrance, greeted by Victorian characters, to have their photographs taken by a historic carriage provided as a courtesy by Living History Farms. As the door of Salisbury House swung open, pests assumed character roles and tried to solve the mysteries of a disputed inheritance, jewel thieves, long-lost siblingsand in some cases, murder.

The evening included barefoot and tattered street musicians in the Great Hall, a pub-style dinner provided by Embassy Club and served in the Indian Room, costumed personalities, intrigue, and an exciting cast party to reveal the secrets and mysteries of the night.

Proceeds from The Mystery of James Edwyn Wakefield will assist in the restoration and preservation of Salisbury House as a full-time museum and cultural center.


Ray Carver
as younger Charles Dickens


Vince Williams
as mature Charles Dickens

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