Escape into another time and place, into the fantasy world
of Charles Dickens' Victorian London.

The year is 1862. A bitterly cold December. Snow drifting down from the rooftops in thick, white, floating clusters; sticking to the icicles that hang from eaves, filling the mullioned windowsills, falling on the broad flagged terrace-pavement and covering the cobblestones like a thick blanket. Snow everywhere. Snow up the Thames, where it winds among farmsteads and pastures; snow down the Thames, where it flows past the dockyards and swirls around the hulls of proud clippers and dusty colliers.

The great thoroughfares are crowded with teeming humanity, although the falling snow muffles the cries of high spirited lads throwing snowballs, the gay chatter of young maidens in furs Christmas-shopping with their mothers, the clop-cloping of Clydesdales pulling heavily loaded lorries, and the imprecations of red-nosed cabbies.

It is a world of Victorian ladies and gentlemen, costermongers, Scotland Yard detectives, curmudgeons, sailors, servants, villains, thieves, rascals, and a murderer or two. You are caught up in a whirlwind of melodramamissing documents, escaped lunatics, long-lost relatives, unspeakable crimes, ghosts in the attic, and star-crossed lovers.

PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre takes its unique concept of audience-participation theatre to Victorian England for an incredible re-creation of 19th Century London.

Explore the actor within you.
Who knows ... you might knock 'em dead.

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