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PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre now offers murder mystery treasure hunts with a chest full of
REAL TREASURE for the lucky finder. We have gathered treasure items from around the world - including coins from 17th Century Dutch shipwrecks, ancient Roman coins, Catherine the Great 5-Kopek pieces, Sultans of Dehli, gold, silver, banknotes, jewels, and other valuables.

The cash value of the main treasure may be up to three or four times what participants pay for the entire event.

Any treasure hoard may contain items of greater or lesser value - part of the challenge is to determine which things are really valuable and which are not. Gold coins are obviously worth more than copper pennies, but the distinction is not always so obvious.

The Mystery of the Winthrop Treasure is a multiple-day murder mystery and treasure hunt with thousands of dollars in real treasure. Variations of the interactive theatre event are planned to take place at a Baronial Castle in Scotland, at an Adirondack-style Great Camp on a private island in the North Woods of Wisconsin, and in the remote Out Islands of the Bahamas by means of flying boat.

Participants play the parts of characters who look like they stepped out of an Agatha Christie novel or a Humphrey Bogart movie while looking for a chest full of real gold and silver coins, jewels, and banknotes. And trying not to get murdered in the process ...

Director Alan Lance Andersen explains. "In The Mystery of the Winthrop Treasure, you are not a modern-day tourist, nor are you a play-actor in costume on a stage. You are an adventurer in a real-life drama. The idea is to re-create the sort of adventure your character might actually have experienced."

"When The Mystery of the Winthrop Treasure is produced as a corporate incentive program, executives can sharpen their wits against each other, and the winner gets the financial rewards while everyone benefits from the interaction."

PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre lets you explore the actor within you. Who knows - you may knock 'em dead ...